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A new Belgium Au Pair Agency
We would like to welcome you to the website of House-o-Orange Belgium, a new Belgian Agency that will be operational in the Antwerp area as of April 2021! As an agency we will be able to provide families all over Belgium with lovely, experienced, English speaking Au Pairs who can speak Flemish easily or who have a clear interest in learning French. Our Au Pairs love children, can cycle confidently and often have a driver’s license.

You might already know us by name; House-o-Orange Au Pairs was started in 2000 and is 1 of the most respected Au Pair agencies in The Netherlands. We have a contract with Dutch immigration and are acknowledged by the Dutch government. We are long term members of the International Au Pair Association IAPA (www.iapa.org).

In 2010 we started our own fabulous Cape Town office in South-Africa ( www.house-o-orange.co.za) of which we are really proud. Over the past 10 years we have recruited the most amazing bilingual South African and Namibian Au Pairs for Holland and Belgium and we would now like to offer the same quality candidates to host families located in Belgium. Even though we are known for our great English speaking Au Pairs from South Africa and Namibia, we also have over 35 partner agencies worldwide who are able to recruit and select Au Pairs for us. As a result, we have Au Pairs from North and South America, the EU, Russia/Ukraine, Turkey, Asia and Australia (Go to agency page).

The Au Pairs that we have available for Belgium will often be experienced Au Pairs who have already au paired in the Netherlands, the USA, Scandinavia, Germany or France.

We are a full-service agency who strive to deliver an outstanding service. Not only do we screen our host families and Au Pairs (via our partner agency), we also assist with the visa application, work related to the labour card, the Au Pair insurance, assisting with the mandatory language course, booking of the Au Pair’s flight etc. These are just a few of the things we will happily take off your plate!

Our team is not only professional but also very experienced and excited to assist you in any way possible! Do you have a question or are you looking for an Au Pair?

de Loock 22,
2970 Schilde,
(by appointment)

Please note: In case of a TRUE emergency outside of office hours, please contact us via Whatsapp

+32 467 07 77 09

We are available Monday to Thursday from 9-5 and on Friday from 9-4.
We are closed on weekends and public holidays.

Please give us a call at +32 467 0777 09 and in and outside of office hours you can send us an e-mail. We would ❤︎ to hear from you.

House-o-Orange Au Pairs
de Loock 22,
2970 Schilde

Phone: (32) – 467 07 77 09


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Exposure to a different culture

An Au Pair can introduce your child to another culture and language. If you hire native speakers (English, Spanish, French for instance) your child will easily learn more languages or retain fluency in a language they already know. They will also be able to become truly bilingual or even trilingual and will have first hand exposure to another culture. All of this will improve their knowledge of diversity and the wider world and will help them grow and flourish.

Laundry, meals and room pickup.

Au Pairs can help with household duties that are preferably primarily related to the children. This includes light housework such as laundry and ironing, cooking, cleaning up after meals and tidying up. Imagine coming home and being able to spend quality time with your kids instead of worrying about what to eat or doing the washing.

Lifelong friends

The relationship you and your children build with your Au Pair often lasts long after your Au Pair returns home.

Gaining an extended family that spans the globe is more rewarding than you can imagine! Many of our families have travelled to the Au Pair’s country of origin, have attended weddings, spent vacations there and much more.

Date nights.. or back to the gym

During the day your Au Pair can pick up the children from school, nursery or preschool but they can also babysit at night if you would like to go on a date, have a work function or would like to get back into shape. This means that, when you go out in the evenings, you don’t need to worry about leaving your children with an unfamiliar babysitter.

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Experiences from Au Pairs who worked via House-o-Orange Au Pairs

Tell us about your experience as an au pair in Belgium

Being an Au Pair has been an experience I could not have pictured. I went into the process with such excitement and expectations and Belgium delivered on this field. It a country rich not only with Trappist beer and Belgian chocolate, but also filled with a diverse culture and beautiful sights to explore.

Living with a host family is one of the quickest ways you become a part of their daily life. You learn a new language and experience every aspect of their culture. My host family was very welcoming, and I enjoyed every second living with them. It was always a very comfortable atmosphere and it really felt like my own house. The one interesting thing I will never forget is when they use to dip speculaas (it is a biscuit) in coffee and put it on their bread for breakfast.

The culture is very diverse and different from my own. Different is not always a bad thing. One big difference is that the Belgians are much more reserved compared to my culture, but the difference is what makes us unique. The one thing I really found amazing about them is that they really do enjoy good cuisine. I tried so many different dishes and dessert and YES their waffles taste even better than the pictures.

Why did you want to become an Au pair?
I have a big heart and passion for children and watching them grow during the year can be a very rewarding process. You learn so much from your host kids and even more about yourself and what you are capable of. I have always been someone seeking an opportunity to be placed out of my comfort zone and the adventures combined with my love for children is that once in a lifetime Au Pairing opportunity I grabbed with both hands.

What do you like best about being an Au pair?
I enjoyed that the Au Pair experience challenged me in more ways than one. I enjoyed learning a new language and the fact that I could communicate at the local grocery store. Au Pairing enabled me to travel to some of the most beautiful countries. I got first-hand insight on different cultures and enjoyed a variety of tasty cuisines from all over the world. Lastly, I met some incredible people and formed amazing friendships that I will cherish forever.

What has this experience taught you up until now?
The experience taught me that Au Pairing is more than just taking care of children. It is all about discovering who you are and how you will grow. I was taught how easily adaptable you are when placed in an unknown environment. I have learned that you will not return home the same, because your whole outlook has changed and believe me that changes everything. And above it all a piece of your heart will always be abroad and that is the beauty of having more than one place you call home.

Are you happy with House-O-Orange and our support throughout the year?
House O Orange offers an amazing program and their support during the year was impeccable. They never hesitated to assist me, and they were always ready to provide fast and friendly support. The House O Orange Au pair programs are very reliable, and they are a very trustworthy agency. I would strongly recommend their program if you wanted a supportive, committed, and comfortable Au Pair journey. House O orange provides this and so much more.

Experiences from Au Pairs who worked via House-o-Orange Au Pairs

Tell us about your experience as an au pair in Belgium

I am so blessed to have an amazing host family. I have been stressing about this aspect before arriving as this is important because I would be living with a new family for a year. My host kids were shy for like the first five minutes but then they have adjusted and adapted to me being around so well. My host parents have also been so welcoming and supportive and are always trying their best to make me feel comfortable. I really am so relieved and happy that I made the right decision in saying yes to this amazing family.
I have been in Belgium for about only 2 months now and I already love it. I love how interesting and how much history Belgium has. I have not seen much yet, but from the little I have seen, it’s beautiful. It’s so different than my own culture. I am learning French, which is difficult but also exciting at the same time. Its amazing to know the world has so much to offer once you step out of your comfort zone.

Why did you chose to become an au pair?
I chose to become an au pair because I love to travel and I have a passion for working with kids. The au pair program brings together both of these which made it an ideal adventure to consider. I have always been fond of learning about other cultures and countries and the au pair programme definitely focuses in these as well.

What do you like best about being an au pair in Belgium?
The best thing I like about au pairing is the special relationships and bonds you create during this experience. Be it with kids, host parents, other au pairs and local friends in the country, it is always so interesting to share about your own culture and also learn more about theirs. I also love that I am gaining international work experience and at the same time exploring a totally new continent, country, culture, cuisine and lifestyle.

What has this experience taught you up until now?
This experience has really made me much more strong. Moving out of your comfort zone in your home country, leaving behind your family and freinds,not eating your moms cooking, missing out on all the family parties, weddings and other fun events, having to set your own alarm because there’s no mummy to wake you up in the morning anymore has really made me grow much more independent and mature. I have also learnt to appreciate and value family more and not take anything for granted anymore.

Would you recommend House-o-Orange Au Pairs?
I would definitely recommend House-O-Orange and the au pair programme to young people. I have to mention Elandi and her team are great, super helpful and always ready to assist. I’ve always had a million of questions throughout the process and they have always gladly assisted and answered as quick as possible and in a very professional way. I would never regret making this decision of au pairing, I love this experience and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Experiences from Au Pairs who worked via House-o-Orange Au Pairs

Tell us about your experience as an au pair in Belgium

I’ve been abroad for two years in different countries and it has helped me so much to grow as a person. It has helped me to become independent and have a different view and perspective over life; I like to refer it as taking off the rose-tinted glasses and seeing a whole different world. When you are on your own you get to know the real you, how to manage time, be able to save and work with money. These are all skills that will help one in the near future.

Why did you want to become an Au pair?
I chose to become an Au pair because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study after leaving High School. I figured why not make the best out of it and go abroad to become an Au Pair. In my gap year I was babysitting a lot and that was also one of the reasons that contributed to me becoming an Au pair.

What do you like best about being an Au pair?
I absolutely love working with children and the best thing about being an Au pair for me personally was living with a host family and being treated as one of their family members, being able to travel and meet people. I have also met my best friend and made other friends and connections that I’ll forever cherish. I

What has this experience taught you up until now?
My experience in Belgium has been one of the greatest. I had four kids and we would always do fun and creative things together such as going on walks. I would also take them to extra school activities. My highlight of the year in Belgium was the snow it was amazing being able to experience it with my best friend whilst making memories. I also got the chance to take some great pictures that I will forever cherish. The Belgium culture is really interesting, down to the different languages they speak (French, Dutch and in some parts German) and my favourite is the waffles, fries, and chocolate. Being able to eat and have easy access to all that was just epic. I personally think the people in Belgium are very friendly and will help you whenever you need. They will even smile at you for no reason on the streets.

Are you happy with House-O-Orange and our support throughout the year?
House o Orange has been very helpful with the whole process. They are very supportive and check in on you from time to time. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to become an Au Pair in the future.

Experiences from Au Pairs who worked via House-o-Orange Au Pairs

Tell us about your experience as an au pair in Belgium

I saw snow for the very first time! It was beautiful. After 2 days though the cold gets you and its best to snuggle on the couch with lots of blankets and hot chocolate!

I have shared a lot of my culture by making dishes for dinner and my host mom has been so nice as to get us a braai! The kids also like Afrikaans music that I often play. My family is Canadian so I have not really experienced Belgium culture from a household perspective, but I have experienced Belgium culture when going to the Grand place by having a waffle and getting pastries and just enjoying the infrastructure and people that work at the shops.

Why did you decide to become an au pair?
I became an Aupair because I love working with children and I wanted to see Europe and this was the perfect opportunity for me to enjoy both.

What have you loved most about being an au pair?
Being part of the children’s lives and spending time with them. I have a lot of fun with the kids, they make me smile and laugh all the time. I really enjoy watching them grow into little adults. Their favourite activity is arts and crafts although we do a lot of role playing for example: I am the lava monster and they are the superheroes and we have an epic pillow-fight battle. When they get back from school we talk about their day and how it was while having dinner together. We do stories before bedtime and they just love that.

What has the experience taught you up to now?
I have definitely grown as an adult by having a lot of responsibilities and learning how to manage them all. I feel like their big brother and I fit in very well with the family. I generally enjoy the food in Belgium and am excited for when things open up a bit more so I can travel! My host mom has been very helpful, kind and nice with me thus far.

Would you recommend House o Orange Au Pairs?
I am very happy and I was very well prepared by House-O-Orange. I would definitely recommend House-O-Orange.

Experiences from Au Pairs who worked via House-o-Orange Au Pairs

Tell us about your experience as an au pair in Belgium

It’s been really good living with my host family. Not only are they super welcoming and friendly, but they’re so considerate as well. They’ll always have me in the back of their minds. One of the most touching things that happened this year was them buying me a 4-pack set of chopsticks because they know I love eating noodles. It might not seem like a lot but it’s really the smallest things that have the biggest impact!
The snow was also interesting, to say the least. When I first arrived at the end of winter last year I experienced one day of snow and that was it. This year, however, we had a whole week of snow plus some more! But that’s just Belgium weather for you, unpredictable! (p.s, even if you think you don’t need a sweater, you need one!)

Why did you decide to become an au pair?
I absolutely love working with children which is why the au pair program is perfect for me.  I have two little girls aged 5 and 2 and half that I’m currently looking after. They’re both the sweetest girls and I couldn’t be more happy that I could spend an entire year with them. I love spending time with them, especially when we draw, play cat & dog or dance (the oldest one even did the “Savage Love” dance trend where she incorporated her own twist to it!)

What do you like best about becoming an au pair in Belgium?
The Belgian culture is really great, I absolutely love it. The city I live in, Antwerp, has been really welcoming. When I lived in The Netherlands and visited Antwerp, I didn’t think much of it but when I started living here it’s had such a big impact on me that it’s quickly grown to be one of my favourite places on Earth. In a country that is so cold weather wise, you will always be able to find warmth in Antwerpen!

What has this experience taught you up until now? 
Au pairing has taught me that no matter how much you think you know, you will always end up knowing more. Me, for example, didn’t think I could get any more fond of children but I still end up surprised every time either of my host kiddies does something that warms my heart. Not only that, but it’s taught me that there’s more to life than just what you are familiar with. I’ve met so amazing many people that will forever have an impact on me. I’ve also met both of my best friends through my au pair years and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

Are you happy with House-O-Orange and our support throughout the year? 
I’m very happy with HoO. They’ve been tremendous help throughout both of my years as an au pair and will always try to help in every situation! Either it be connecting you with other au pairs or listening when you have a problem, they’ll always be there. They’re an amazing group, so much so that I’ve decided that to do a third au pair year also through them! I mean, if that can’t convince you then I don’t know what can!
I would definitely recommend the HoO au pair program. I’ve received so much support throughout my time and I’m super appreciative of the fact that they include a 2-day training course before your au pair journey!

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