Au Pair Club

What isĀ  the Orange Au Pair Club?
The Orange Au Pair Club is an extra service that we offer to all the Au Pairs that we place in Europe. The Club will help you meet Au Pairs in Holland and will allow you to participate in our activities. Members are sent a welcome package which will include our most recent list of Au Pair names and phone-numbers, an invitation to our next Orange Au Pair Club event, a welcome letter and our Au Pair handbook.

What is organised?
Every other Friday we will hold at virtual ZOOM coffee morning from 11 AM to 12 PM and all of our Orange Au Pair Club members will be invited to join. We will have themes, quizzes, discussions, suggestions and of course to chance to meet old and new friends as well as the House-o-Orange team.

The only way to become a member of the Orange Au Pair Club is to be placed through our agency in Europe.


House-o-Orange Au Pairs
de Loock 22
2970 Schilde
KBO/BTW number: 0766927827
Telephone: (32) - 467 07 77 09