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Our Au Pair program in Belgium

From our own office near Antwerp
We are proud to announce that as of now we will be able to offer a full-fledged Au Pair program for all parts of Belgium from our own office near Antwerp! We have interviewers that are able to interview families in Vlaanderen, Brussels and Wallonia and are aware of all that is needed in terms of work permits and visa requirements. We will also be able to organize Orange Au Pair Club outings in cities like Brussels, Antwerp and Gent.

What makes a House-o-Orange Au Pair special is the fact that the majority of our candidates will have experience as an Au Pair in another country (The Netherlands, USA, Germany, Scandinavia etc.) or will have received first aid and training at our office in Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa (this applies to our South African and Namibian Au Pairs).
Our candidates can be viewed by clicking on our Au Pair profiles at the top of the page. If there is a candidate that you like, let us know and we can check to see if your candidate is a match with you!

How much will it cost to hire an Au Pair through House-o-Orange Belgium?
Costs for hiring a 12-month Au Pair in Belgium are as follows:

Monthly au pair stipend minimum of € 450
Monthly telephone allowance € 10
Contribution language course € 45 per semester (average)
Au pair insurance per month average € 45
Cost for applying for a workpermit € 363
Airfare on average € 700
Agency fee for an Au Pair STAR € 795
Agency fee for an Au Pair PLUS € 895

In Belgium, the family is obliged to offer and pay for the Au Pair’s language course. A contribution towards airfare (for all Au Pairs) and in some cases pre-paid airfare is required for an Au Pair from South Africa, Namibia, South America, Asia or Australia.

Is there an Au Pair PLUS program in Belgium?
Yes, we do offer an Au Pair PLUS program for Belgium. The Au Pair PLUS will have been an Au Pair before (often in Holland or the USA) and will be older and more experienced. She will require a bonus at the end of her stay and a 3-week paid holiday.
What is the difference between an Au Pair PLUS and an Au Pair STAR?
The Au Pair STAR speaks English fluently, has had training or has gone to college and has a solid amount of child care experience. The Au Pair PLUS is a returning Au Pair from another country with a positive reference from her host family. All of our Au Pairs have been interviewed, have checked references, have done a medical test (and can be tested further upon request), are motivated, speak English to a high level (many of our candidates are native English speaking) and are happy and able to learn Flemish or French. Many of our candidates have driver’s licenses. All of our candidates can cycle, are happy to help with light housework and can help with cooking.
Interested in hiring a House-o-Orange Au Pair?
Email us on or call us on (32) – 467 07 77 09, we would love to help! We are currently accepting new families for placements in July/August/September of 2021.
At the moment we can accept families who are looking for an Au Pair with a start date of July/August/September 2021.

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